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Teeth whitening: Dentist's office or less expensive alternative

Over-the-counter products are less effective than professional treatments.  Don’t expect to see Rabbine Harpell waking up over a cup of hot tea in the morning. She’s given up the stuff since realizing how badly it was staining her teeth.

Behind the Parade

The Bend Oregon Veteran's Day Parade is turning 15 years old this year, and one woman has been behind its heart and soul from the beginning.

Azura Studio and Sojourn International

No one turns down a chance to host Elan Sassoon, son of hair magnate Vidal Sassoon, when he calls a prominent salon to release his new brand Sojourn - unless you are Rabbine Harpell, owner of Azura Salon in Bend, Oregon.

Living From the Heart

In times of hardship, many of us hunker down to protect what we have. We gather our closest loved ones together, protect our resources, and stay clear of risk. It's natural behaviou, after all, and as a result businesses are closing and community organizations are seeing a dramatic drop in contributions of time and money.

But Rabbine Harpell has a different approach to life's hardships. When times get tough, she gets tougher, focusing even more on her personal mission to help others.

Space-Age Stress Relief

Some might say I’m a bit of a stress case. It seems to work for me—I’ve never quite understood how the other half (the relaxed set) functions. How do they get anything done? But after all I’ve heard lately about stress hormones affecting everything from blood pressure to depression, I figured it was time to bat for the other team and get some mellow vibes flowing.

22nd Century Healing Energy Technologies Promote Self Care

Russian Space Program inventions replace American medicine cabinet with Self Healing technologies. 22nd Century Self Healing Center empowers men and women to Recliam their Health and Peace of Mind. For sale and lease, Stress Reduction devices and anti-gravity swing, O2 Zero Point Chamber, Shiatsu Massage Chair and Chi Machine achieve relief from pain and anxiety.